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ADRIAN CHOI DESIGN STUDIO is pleased to present new works at Convergence 2020. Following on from the last edition of the exhibition, the studio continues on with the ‘Erlitou’  series adding new creations to the collection. In addition to this, the studio is proud to introduce 3 exceptional works part of a highlight crossover project with renowned gongbi artist Ren Zhong.


'Erlitou' is a collection of artworks comprising of functional sculptures designed by Adrian Choi. Inspired by Chinese antiquity and culture, the origins of the pieces are rooted from ancient treasures discovered during the bronze age of China over 3000 years ago.


The collection is brought together through a historical perspective but with a unique contemporary approach. From jewellery to ritual objects, the Erlitou culture is traditionally known for its bronze inlaid plaques. Undergoing intense research and study during the development process, the new collection re-contextualizes these traditional objects into the modern time as large-scale and innovated pieces.



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